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Sunday School Lessons on the Tabernacle

Free Sunday School Lessons To Download!

The following lesson plans have been designed for a Sunday school class or weekly Bible study for adults or young adults. Each lesson, which can be completed in 45 minutes to an hour, includes one or two main biblical passage(s) on which the lesson is based, a short background description, and several discussion questions. Through these lessons, your students will be able to better understand Christ’s redemptive work on the cross and how He fulfilled every aspect of the tabernacle. Our hope is that they will come away with a stronger, clearer and more accurate grasp of the Gospel.

These lessons are best complimented with the tabernacle model kit, an excellent visual aid that helps students “see” instead of just “hear” about the tabernacle.

Click on the following links to download each lesson (PDF format—download Adobe Reader). If you are a Sunday School teacher, you can download the lessons with the answers here.