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Tabernacle Model Assembly Guide

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Why do I need this?

You may have wondered about the difference between a low-budget film and a high-budget film. Besides the obvious cast and director, oftentimes it's hidden in the details. These details are so small that most of the audience will probably never notice them, but they help the actors and actresses as they play their roles. The same can be said about the tabernacle of david model. What makes the difference between a good visual aid and a great one? The details.

Note: The Tabernacle Model does not include any paint or paint brushes, but these painting materials can be purchased from your local stores.

This Tabernacle Model Assembly Guide can help you turn your model of the tabernacle from this:


to this:


Is it worth all that work? You decide. We think there's no turning back to the unpainted model after we've seen the visual power of the painted one. Does the unpainted model still do its job as a visual aid in teaching about the tabernacle? Of course! But we think the painted one adds a lot of life and realism to the model of the tabernacle. So if you want to find out how we painted our tabernacle model, read on and find out more!

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