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Model Assembly Guide, Part 2

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Tabernacle frame (cf. Exodus 26:15-29, 36:20-34): gold with silver base. Paint the gold first and let it dry before painting the silver bases.

08-assembly-fence-gold.jpg 09-assembly-fence-silver.jpg

Tabernacle curtain frame (cf. Exodus 26:32,37, 36:36,38): gold with base of bronze (five frames) or silver (four frames). Paint the gold first and let it dry before applying the gold or silver base.


As an alternative to paint brush, you could also use spray paint instead.


3. Paint the furniture and animals

Brazen altar & laver: Paint both the brazen altar and the laver (including its stand) bronze. It may take a few layers (apply each layer after the previous has dried). For effect, we also painted the center grate of the altar with some black paint to symbolize the ashes from the burnt offerings.

12-assembly-brazen-altar.jpg 13-assembly-laver.jpg

Tables in the courtyard (cf. Exodus 27:19): Though the tables are not specifically mentioned in the Bible, the Bible does say that "all the other articles used in the service of the tabernacle, whatever their function... are to be of bronze" (Exodus 27:19).


Again, you could also use bronze spray paint for the furniture if you choose to.


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