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Model Assembly Guide, Part 3

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Furniture in the Tent of Meeting (cf. Exodus 25:10-40, 30:1-10): Paint all the furniture (the menorah, table of showbread, altar of incense, ark of the covenant and the atonement cover) in the tabernacle compound gold. You can also paint the two loaves of bread with a white, mixed with a little brown, paint. Paint the jar of manna gold (Hebrews 9:4). Aaron's staff can be painted brown, while the two stone tablets can be painted gray.


Or use the spray paint.


The sacrificial animals: We painted the sheep with white or tan (mix white with brown/yellow) paint. We recommend white paint even though the original is already white. The paint gives it a more realistic texture instead of the plastic rubbery feel. You can also paint the faces and the legs of the sheep black or tan. And we painted the cows brown. Use a toothpick or an ultra-fine brush to paint the eyes black. For a more realistic depiction of the sacrificial system, mix red paint with some black and apply it to a sheep across the front of its neck. Then paint the same "blood" on the table it's resting upon.




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