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Model Assembly Guide, Part 5

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5. Assemble the outer fence and curtain (Exodus 27:9-15)

First put outer posts and the linen curtain around the base. Make sure all the posts go all the way down (the second pictures shows a corner post that is not all the way down).


After putting the posts in, hook the brown strings around the hooks on the bottom and the hooks on the post. You can start with either outside the fence or inside the fence.


6. Assemble the frames and the indoor furniture

If you're going to glue the objects onto the base (for ease of holding up and using it as a teaching aid without all the pieces falling apart), use the super glue to glue the furniture inside the Tent of Meeting (menorah, table, altar of incense, ark of the covenant) before putting the frames around them. Put the furniture pieces in their respective places as shown in the picture (Exodus 40:20-29).


Put the frames around the Tent of Meeting by first inserting the metal poles through it. Six frames on the short side, and twenty frames for both of the long sides. After that, put the frames into the holes. The frames fit in more tightly than the outer posts, so it may require a hammer to push them down (use a piece of paper towel on top of the frames so you won't chip away the paint with the hammer). Be sure to also put a piece of block wood or a phone book beneath the base when you push down the frames because the base tends to "give" (bend down) when you press it down. By giving it some support on the bottom, it makes it a lot easier to push down the frames.

29-assembly-frames.jpg 30-assembly-boards.jpg 31-assembly-boards2.jpg

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