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The Tabernacle Video - (DVD)

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Product Description

  • Color 3D computer animation
  • Approximately 27 minutes
  • Language selections: English or German
  • English subtitles available.
  • Join the Exodus journey and experience the Tabernacle in the wilderness.

Description for the Tabernacle Video:

AnimMan Studios presents this intriguing walk-through of the ancient Tabernacle. This meeting place between sinful man and Holy God is seen in illuminating three-dimensional computer-generated detail. You'll marvel at the stark contrast between the bronze-covered Altar‚ with its implication of death‚ and the exquisite old Lampstand‚ showing the way of life and forgiveness.

The Table of Shewbread‚ the Altar of Incense‚ even the Ark of the Covenant‚ will no longer be just mental images. You will feel as if you have walked on Holy Ground just as the priests once did.

Hard-to-visualize passages of Scripture come to life as you recognize the meaning of the many components of the Tabernacle. Best used in accompaniment with The Tabernacle - A Personal Workbook.

Produced by: AnimMan Studios.
Languages: English and German.
Subtitles: English

ISBN # 1-563647-91-5

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Product Reviews

  1. Great teaching for the new in Christ 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 10th Feb 2014

    This video will help you (young Christians) understand the very essence of the tabernacle and give you a hunger for more of His word!!! Never look for one item or tool to be the catch all for understanding of the WORD. Get in a BIBLE based church with leaders would KNOW the word and can guide you with your questions.

  2. Review of Tabernacle DVD & The Tabernacle: Shadows of the Messiah 2 Star Review

    Posted by on 5th Mar 2013

    I did not care much for it, it was in my estimation not worth the $20.
    The curtains for the Tabernacle were only one color and they were open. As was the curtains to the Holy place. The Holy place WAS NOT open to the people only the priets. I am trying to remember the Holiest of Holies, as my coleader has it in her possession. but I think they were one color only.
    I know producing things like this are difficult. But when my kids 1st thru 3rd grade know the differences from what scripture says, I think a little attention should be paid to correcting it.

    I am thoroughly enjoying the the book on the Tabernacle. Shadows of the Messiah. That has given me much more food for thought. That price should be $20 and the DVD should be $11.

    I did truly appreciated the download directions for painting the Tabernacle replica correctly. My older kids 4th thru 6th are enjoying doing that exercise.

    Patsy Jones

  3. What happened to those beautiful tabernacle curtain "doors" woven with beautiful white linen, purple, blue and red threads ... and the cherubim? threads 2 Star Review

    Posted by on 14th Feb 2013

    The curtains were no where near the Biblical description. the white, red, blue and purple colors not shown separately in some manner. Even the curtain before the Most Holy Place was one color with no cherubim as the Scriptures say. They weren't even attached, just separately flapping. Jesus is the "Door." All three curtains tell us about Him. White - the perfect Man. Red - the One perfect Sacrifice and Burden-bearer. Purple - King. Blue - Divine Son of God. Even the camp that you showed could have pointed out the 4 Gospels they symbolize. Matthew - the lead tribe of Judah on the east - the Lion flag - tribe from where the kings came and the King of Kings - purple the royal color. Next to the south Reuben - see a Son - white the righteous second Adam - Luke's Gospel. Then around the camp to Ephraim and Dan ... the Ox and Eagle ... red and blue. Mark and John. So much in those curtains and the camp lay out. Even relates to Ezekiel's and John's revelations of the 4 faces - revealing more of Jesus. Sooo much missed in those curtains as shown. Left learners even realizing the Tabernacle DVD left them hanging, as it were. These young learners even knew they looked no where near as described in the Scriptures. They were disappointed and said so. Even the miniature Tabernacle that you sell shows the curtains with their 4 colors and some design and cherubim (third veil). What a wonderful ministry it would be if someone could put together all these wonderful truths about that tent and its relationship to our Father's Presence and our Lord Jesus' taking us into His Presence - Col 3:16f - our King (purple), our Redeemer (red), our Righteousness (white), the Divine Son of God (blue). It;s all there in the Tabernacle pattern, hidden away for the Holy Spirit to teach and tell us what it means. Maybe I'll ask our Father to help me put all that together so even new believers can be awed by the wonder of it all at least in a little book or even a DVD ... with all the talent that is out there today and wondrous means to make these things life-like ... and the treasures hidden in all these objects ... I know I am awed. So much to know, so much treasure to uncover. If as you say, it is your ministry to set these truths forth, please make a video that does those wonderful curtains and other parts of the Tabernacle justice ... and TRUTH. Show the colors. Make an attempt at a design the Israelites may have been instructed to embroider. Make some cherubim on that beautiful 4 colored design on the very special curtain hanging before the Holy Of Holies. We aren't supposed to add to Scripture, but neither are we to leave important things out. Well, I guess I have gone on enough about this. I just don't think it honored the Lord as it could have or shown the awesome beauty and wonder of the Scripture account of those beautiful curtains. If that is your calling then get the best out there to make an awesome DVD. Don't send that one out. I have a ministry now to reach the Word, but I once was a math teacher. I know how important the fundamentals are in any study. Can't solve a calculus problem, if I don't know basic facts like 1 plus 1 equals 2. THe tabernacle in the wilderness is the 1 plus 1 equals 2. You have to get it right and make it clear or even simple math won't make sense. That is how it is in any discipline. Believers need firm foundations and accurate representations of the Scriptures ... in this case the tabernacle in the wilderness. The Holy Spirit is our wonderful Teacher. He would have us have the best tools to teach. I guess from a teacher's perspective, that DVD was not a good overall foundational tool. The Door being the most important starting point. :) Thanks for listening or reading this. God bless!

  4. Concept of Tabernacle in interesting presentation. 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 14th Oct 2012

    This narrated, visual presentation of the tabernacle and it's functions is very informative and seems to be very close to the Biblical descriptive. Gives a concept to the image we read and gives an idea as to why there was only one candlestick. Do wish the building of the structure was covered also.

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